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7goals designs
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icons, graphics
7goalsdesigns is devoted to bring u my latest works, icons and other graphics.. mostly icons about football, series, musicans or stock ones. If u like my work, feel free to watch the community, and make sure to leave a comment!

About the title.. 7 comes from my favourite striker, Dahveed Villa <3 he's wearing 7 and goals is pretty obvious.

About me
Hmm about me.. I think i simply copy-paste my bio from my personal journal, hope it will make it. (yeah as u can see im pretty lazy aswell)
My name is Kinga, glad to see u here. I'm from Hungary, probably most of you don't knwo too much about it.. well to say so its a kinda small country in Europe, next to Austria. However, I don't speak german lol.
Hmm... I'm 16, so I still live with my family which means my Mom, Dad and Bro. I'm in high school, wanna continue studying in informatics.. and if i'm smart enough I'm planning to attend a british university for a year or so.
Generally I'm happy and excited about everything, I'm kinda an enthusiastic type.. My friends say I'm easily hurt but IMHO that's not really true.. =) However if I'm hurt then I really am... I love meeting new people, I'm verrry social.. aaaand blabla...
Anyway I don't bite so feel free to friend me!
- Kinga <3

- series
- music = life
- travelling
- photography
- football

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